Please log in to the virtual training to access digital copies of all training materials, including session recordings, PowerPoint presentations, handouts and publications. The training materials will be available on the virtual training space to all attendees until Friday, July 30, 2021. After this time you may find all materials on the Agenda tab.

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The Tribal Healing to Wellness Court Virtual Enhancement Training is

a tribal-specific national training for tribal problem-solving courts.

The Virtual Enhancement Training features Wellness Court best

practices and innovative strategies.

The Tribal Law and Policy Institute (TLPI) is pleased to offer five plenary

sessions and twenty workshops organized into the following four tracks:

  • General Wellness Courts

  • Family Wellness Courts

  • Juvenile Wellness Courts

  • Veterans Courts 

The Training will be oriented around the Tribal Ten Key Components

and the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP)

National Drug Court Standards. The Enhancement Training focuses

upon tribal issues, including jurisdictional and legal issues unique to

Indian country; the incorporation of custom and tradition into the phases, case management, treatment curriculums, and tangential services; and the peer-to-peer sharing of successful Healing to Wellness Courts models in operations. Training topics will cover the adult criminal, juvenile delinquency, family dependency, DWI/DUI, and veterans models.

The Enhancement Training is free to all participants. A digital copy of all training materials, including publications, handouts and session PowerPoint presentations, will be available on the virtual training space and available to all attendees at EnhancementTraining.org after the event.  You can view 2012-2020 presentation materials at our Prior Materials page. 

TLPI has developed a comprehensive Tribal Healing to Wellness Court Publication Series as part of the Tribal Healing to Wellness Court Technical Assistance Project. Additional Healing to Wellness Court related resources, funding updates, training information, and more can be found at WellnessCourts.org.

Who Should Attend

Wellness Court teams are encouraged to attend as a team, including: 

  • Judge

  • Prosecutor

  • Defense Counselor

  • Coordinator

  • Case Manager

  • Probation Officer

  • Law Enforcement Officer


  • Treatment Provider

  • Behavioral Health Representative

  • Child Welfare Representative

  • Cultural Resource Provider

  • All other team members

  • Advisory and Steering Committee members

  • Tribal Council members


Enhancement Training faculty include TLPI core Wellness Court consultants, and Tribal Youth Resource Center specialist, may of who also provide individualized onsite and offsite technical assistance, and will be available throughout the training for any one-on-one or team meetings or questions. Other faculty include our partner national technical assistance providers, including:


For any questions or comments, please contact Wellness@TLPI.org.