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The Tribal Law and Policy Institute (TLPI) looks forward to welcoming new and returning attendees in-person for the

2024 Tribal Healing to Wellness Court Implementation and Enhancement Training. This year’s Wellness Court Training will be held September 18-20, 2024 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Wellness Court Training this year will focus on the theme: Reclaiming Indigenous Justice. 

The Tribal Law and Policy Institute (TLPI) is pleased to offer three plenary sessions, and forty workshops organized into four tracks:


  • Adult Healing to Wellness Court

  • Juvenile Healing to Wellness Court

  • Family Wellness Court

  • Roles Specific to Healing to Wellness Courts 


The Wellness Court Training will be oriented around the Tribal Ten Key Components and All Rise Adult Treatment Court Best Practice Standards. This training is a unique opportunity to receive information on current treatment court best practices, learn innovative approaches to substance abuse and treatment, and engage with other Healing to Wellness Courts practitioners from across the country.


This training focuses on tribal issues, including jurisdictional and legal issues unique to Indian country, the incorporation of custom and tradition into the phases, case management, treatment curriculums, tangential services, and the peer-to-peer sharing of successful Healing to Wellness Courts models in operation. Training topics will cover adult criminal, juvenile justice, family dependency, DWI/DUI, and veterans models.

For more information and resources concerning Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts, please visit

The Wellness Court Training is free to all participants. 

For any questions or comments, please contact

Who Should Attend

Wellness Court teams are encouraged to attend as a team, including:

  • Judge

  • Prosecutor

  • Defense Counselor

  • Coordinator

  • Case Manager

  • Probation Officer

  • Law Enforcement Officer

  • Treatment Provider

  • Behavioral Health Representative

  • Child Welfare Representative

  • Cultural Resource Provider

  • Advisory and Steering Committee members

  • Tribal Council members

  • All other team members

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