2013 Training Materials

September 11-13, 2013
Agua Caliente Indian Reservation, CA


2013 Enhancement Training Agenda


Healing to Wellness Courts as Matters of Good Governance
Joseph Flies-Away


Best Practices for Drug Courts – Healing to Wellness Court Research Feud

Carrie Garrow

Adult Drug Court Best Practice Standards, Vol. I, NADCP (2013).
What Works? The Ten Key Components of Drug Court: Research-Based Best Practices, Shannon M. Carey, Juliette R. Mackin, and Michael W. Finigan, Drug Court Review, Vol. III, Issue 1, 6 (2012).
Summary Checklist of Evidence-Based Drug Court Treatment Practices, Roger H. Peters, NADCP Research into Practice (2011).


Treatment, Strength Assessment and Motivational Interviewing in Healing to Wellness Court
Kristina Pacheco

Native American Motivational Interviewing: Weaving Native American and Western Practices: A Manual for Counselors in Native American Communities, Kamilla L. Venner and Nadine Tafoya (2006).


The Role of Ethics in Healing to Wellness Court

Carrie Garrow and Charlene Jackson

Participation of Defense Attorneys in Drug Courts, Michael Tobin, Drug Court Review, Vol. III, Issue 1, 96 (2012).
Ethical Considerations for Judges and Attorneys in Drug Court, National Drug Court Institute, Doc. No. 197080 (2002).


Looking through the Fishbowl: Sanctions and Incentives

Charlene Jackson and Nancy OldElk

NADCP List of Sanctions and Incentives (2009).


Tackling Methamphetamine in Healing to Wellness Court

Sarah Reckess


Judicial Interaction

Carrie Garrow, Joseph Flies-Away, and Charlene Jackson


Assessing Mental Health in Indian Country

Kristina Pacheco


Juvenile Wellness Court and Veterans Wellness Court

Gregg Roth and Sarah Reckess


Family Wellness Court

Aaron Arnold


Wellness Courts in Action: Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Healing to Wellness Court

B.J. Jones

Final Report: Participatory Evaluation of the Siesston-Wahpeton Oyate IASAP Demonstration Project, Jennie R. Joe, Jenny Chong, Roberty Young, Darlene Lopez, B.J. Jones, Gary Gaikowski (2008).


Team Conflict and Problem-Solving

Donna Humetewa Kaye


Tracking Success: Data Collection Strategies for Healing to Wellness Court 

Aaron Arnold

Action Research: Using Information to Improve Your Drug Court, Center for Court Innovation (2010).


Gang-Involved, At Risk Youth

Aaron Arnold and Gregg Roth


Case Management

Donna Humetewa Kaye

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The Enhancement Training is offered as part of the Healing to Wellness Courts Training and Technical Assistance project--A project delivered by the Tribal Law and Policy Institute (TLPI) under a grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance.


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