2015 Training Materials

September 8-10, 2015
Albuquerque, NM

2015 Enhancement Training Agenda

The Tribal 10 Key Components
Joseph Flies-Away and Carrie Garrow

Entry: Mapping the Process
Joseph Flies-Away and Charlene Jackson

Screening and Assessment
Mark Panasiewicz

Sanctions and Incentives
Charlene Jackson and Mark Panasiewicz

Juvenile Healing to Wellness Court
Jessica Pearce

Joint Jurisdiction: From Shingle Springs to Kenaitze
Shingle Springs/El Dorado County Family Wellness Court
Kenaitze/Kenai Healing to Wellness Court

Hon. Suzanne Kingsbury, Hon. Anna Moran, Hon. Kim Sweet, and Hon. Christine Williams

Healing to Wellness Courts Contributing to Peace: The Role of Wellness Courts in Tribal Justice Systems
Joseph Flies-Away and Carrie Garrow

Pharmacology and Medically-Assisted Treatment
Mark Panasiewicz

Confidentiality and HIPAA
Carrie Garrow and Charlene Jackson
Suggested Resource:

Tele-Services in Rural Setting
Precious Benally and Annie Schachar

Enablement Prevention Program
Mark Panasiewicz

Wellness Court Judicial Bench Book
Joseph Flies-Away and Carrie Garrow

Marijuana, Peyote, Adderall and Other Ambiguous Substances
Charlene Jackson

Tribal Responses to Underage Drinking
Precious Benally and Adelle Fontanet

Intersection of the Indian Child Welfare Act and Veterans Treatment Courts
Veterans Courts
Veterans and ICWA

Kate Fort and Peter Vicaire

Healing the Healers and Team Building
Donna Humetewa Kaye and Mark Panasiewicz

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The Enhancement Training is offered as part of the Healing to Wellness Courts Training and Technical Assistance project--A project delivered by the Tribal Law and Policy Institute (TLPI) under a grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance.


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