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Call for Proposals

Proposals Due: Friday, May 26, 2023

Calling all Healing to Wellness Court practitioners, training and technical assistance providers, researchers, scholars, and experts in the field. You are invited to submit a workshop proposal to present at the 2023 Tribal Healing to Wellness Court Enhancement Training. Share your expertise, experience, and research with the key movers and shakers of the Wellness Court field.


TLPI is soliciting for workshop proposals that present the best practices in tribal justice, collaboration, and service delivery that enhance the capacity for adult, juvenile, family, veterans, and DUI/DWI Healing to Wellness Courts.


TLPI encourages proposals that detail innovative practices; specific how-to guidance; the integration of custom and tradition into the Wellness Court; screenings, assessment tools, and evidence-based practices that serve Native populations; planning guidance; and law enforcement/probation. Please visit Prior Enhancement Training Materials for a sampling of prior Enhancement Training topics and materials.

Selection Criteria:

Workshop proposals will be selected based on their relevance to the field, engaging format, subject-matter expertise and training experience of the presenters, and supplemental materials.


Workshops should fall into one of four tracks: Adult Healing to Wellness Courts, Juvenile/Family Healing to Wellness Courts, Establishing Wellness Courts, and Mentor Courts. In addition, workshops within those tracks that highlight the theme Celebrating 25 Years of Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts are highly encouraged!

  • Workshops will be 1.25 hours (75 minutes)

  • Workshops can have 1-3 presenters

  • All materials will be posted on for attendees to access during, and subsequent to, the training

  • When drafting your workshop proposal description, consider that this language could be used as the workshop description in conference materials

  • Please note: TLPI is generally unable to provide time or travel compensation. However, if attendance is otherwise impossible, TLPI will explore travel assistance where feasible. Presenters will be expected to pay for their own travel expenses. Grant funds should be used whenever possible to fund travel.

Workshop Proposals:

Please email: with the following information:


  • Each Presenter's Name

  • Presenter(s)' Title

  • Presenter(s)' Organization

  • Presenter(s)' Email

  • Presenter(s)' Biography (no more than 250 words)

  • Workshop Title

  • Workshop Description (no more than 250 words)

  • Learning Objectives (at least 2)

  • Workshop Track Category: Adult Healing to Wellness Courts, Juvenile/Family Healing to Wellness Courts, Establishing Wellness Courts, and Mentor Courts

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