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Hon. Evelyn Dolchok

Chief Tribal Judge

Kenaitze Indian Tribe

Judge Evelyn Dolchok is a citizen of the Kenaitze Indian Tribe and lifelong Alaskan and Kenai resident. She was appointed to a judgeship position by the Kenaitze Tribal Council in 2013 followed by her appointment to Chief Tribal Judge in September 2019. Judge Dolchok is steadily completing courses for her Tribal Judicial Skills Certificate from the National Judicial College and continues to attend classes that further develop her skillset as a judge. She is active in conferences held by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, National American Indian Court Judges Association, National Indian Child Welfare Association and more. Judge Dolchok is the presiding Tribal Judge for the Henu Community Wellness Court, which is one of the few joint jurisdictional courts in the United States. Weekly hearings are dually conducted with a state of Alaska Superior Court Judge at the Qiz’unch’ Tribal Court. “Qiz’unch’” is the Dena’ina word translating to “the right way, the truth.” Henu is the Dena’ina word for “hard work,” which describes the effort and dedication each participant puts into their recovery throughout this 18–24-month program. Witnessing the transformation take place in each participant is one of her greatest joys of being a judge.

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