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Grace Carson

Skadden Fellow

Tribal Law and Policy Institute

Grace Carson serves as a Skadden Fellow for Tribal Law and Policy Institute’s Tribal Healing and Wellness Courts Project. Her Skadden Fellowship project is focused on developing a restorative justice program for Tribal communities that channels harm-doers away from incarceration and fines, and toward rehabilitation, community involvement, and healing. This project builds on the foundation already established by Tribal Healing and Wellness Courts by incorporating Peacemaking—a Tribal practice that repairs intercommunity harm that has been committed. Carson graduated the University of Denver with a bachelor of arts in political science and journalism (2019) and graduated UCLA School of Law with specializations in critical race studies, public interest law and policy, and international and comparative law (2022). Her current research and scholarship is focused on ethnic studies, critical Indigenous studies, decolonization theory, and abolition theory.

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