Wellness Court Advocate for Healing Award

Nomination due: Friday, April 30, 2021

Now seeking nominations for an Adult and Juvenile Healing to Wellness Court team member who exemplifies the tenants of restorative justice and healing as evidenced by their dedication to the Wellness Court team and participants.

Wellness Court Bay dt ge:vik a’hanja Award is Hualapai and means “All of us be well”, in honor of Hon. Joseph Flies-Away, a groundbreaking leader and advocate for community healing and Wellness Courts. The Bay dt ge:vik a’hanja Award was conceived to identify and honor Wellness Court practitioners who have been instrumental in the success of their court, and thereby in the healing and restoration of their community. 


Please consider nominating a Wellness Court colleague to honor for their service, including the judge, coordinator, case manager, community supervision officer, treatment provider, cultural adviser, child welfare representative, or other position.

2020 Wellness Court Advocate for Award Recipient 

Byram Beckstead, Chief Prosecutor, Shoshone-Bannock Tribes

"My name is Byram Beckstead.  I am the Chief Prosecutor with the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, a position I have enjoyed since 2010.  As a prosecutor, I strive to use the law to change people, not just punish them.  I have been involved in treatment courts for approximately four years.  I am a firm believer in treatment courts because they don’t just hold people accountable to the law, they hold people accountable to themselves. Outside of work, I enjoy playing board games, woodworking, traveling, and coaching youth soccer."

Nominated by

Lunita Arwite, Chief Judge, Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Court

"Mr. Beckstead has been working with the Adult Drug Court for about 4 yrs. He is an asset to our team, he works hard, volunteers his time outside of prosecution.  He does all our UA call-ins daily around 5:00 am. He provides the drug court staffing sheets, does all the class check-ins, self-help, records stats, history and calendaring.  Byram is open to new ideas, methods and training.  He is critical if needs be, he also can take criticism when we have those sessions for improvement. Byram is a team leader, works hard and deserves to be rewarded for his efforts, the team would not be a team without him.  Byram has been with our tribal court since 2011 (19 years). Byram is a licensed attorney, Chief Prosecutor.  Byram is non-Indian and for him to work with a Native American tribe for so long, is an accomplishment!  In our language. A "Tybo" is a white man;  Byram is a 'Tybo member". We love him and appreciate him."


2019 Wellness Court Advocate for Award Recipients 

Rhonda Decontie, Clerk of the Court, Penobscot Nation Tribal Court

Rhonda Decontie (Algonquin & Penobscot) has served the Penobscot Nation’s Judicial System since 2011 and was promoted to the Clerk of the Court in 2014. That same year she was selected from more than 300 tribal courts by the National American Indian Court Judges Association to receive its National Outstanding Court Support Award. Under her leadership, the
Tribal Court has been nationally recognized as a leader in the handling of child protective proceedings and for its culturally aligned Healing to Wellness Court.

Leah Parish, Chief Judge/Healing to Wellness Court Coordinator, Bay Mills Tribal Court

Hon. Leah Parish is a Member of the Bay Mills Indian Community and proud mother of three. She has been the Healing to Wellness Court Coordinator for Bay Mills Tribal Court since its inception in 2014, and was recently appointed as Chief Judge.

2019 recipients